Such good news – watch this!

Update 19.01.2012: 

Oh no, oh no…..I really, really wanted to share a beautiful story filled with hope and courage with you.  This is what I wrote a few days ago:

This is about the story of Eid Suleiman Hadaleen, a self-taught artist.  Eid is from the Palestinian Bedouin village of Umm Al Kher located in the South Hebron Hills area of the West Bank. 

But this story is not about what happens in the West Bank…

Since the age of 12, Eid has been building miniature-sized jeeps, bulldozers, and helicopters from plastic, iron, and other scraps that he finds in his village.  In real life, these vehicles represent the oppressive Israeli occupation, but through his work, he shows us what is possible and gives hope….. 

I love what he does…. do watch his short video

You can e-mail Eid:

But now fellow EA Jan (from Canada) has more news about Eid’s village:

This past week I received an email from Operative Dove, an Italian peace group that works in the South Hebron Hills, telling us that the village of Um al Kher is now under greater threat of demolition.  The village is deemed illegal by the Israeli’s and is now at risk of being totally demolished, despite the fact that it sits on land that was purchased by the villager’s forefathers in the early 1950′s (after they were pushed off their original homeland).

Read the full story here.

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