SA Council of Churches condemns violence as a solution

Israel confiscated the family land of these two siblings to build the illegal Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. I watched as it happened.

At its Central Committee in June 2011, the SACC took the following resolution to further stress its commitment to the resolve of the Palestinian question.  This is good news 🙂

1.      The SACC Central Committee

  • Re-affirms the work of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel at their Justice, Reconciliation and Healing department addressing the human rights violation suffered by Palestinian people through repeated attacks by the Israeli army and the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territory by Israel.
  • Acknowledges with appreciation the initiative of reconciliation between Hamas and FATAH and call on them to work together in finding peaceful resolutions.
  • Deplores all round use of violence as a solution in addressing these problems.
  • Affirms the work of the SA-EAPPI Program and recommends that it be used as a vehicle for convening the Church Leaders visit.

2.      In implementing this resolution the meeting agreed to:-

  •  Send a delegation of NEC and Church Leaders from the Council  on a solidarity visit to Palestine around Lent season in 2012, and on return commit to
  • Raise with our government the issue of declaring Israel an apartheid state.
  • Join other cultural and religious campaigns in support of BDS against Israel.
  • Design an Educational Awareness Programme for churches on the struggle of the Palestinians.
  • Mobilise Christians to include Palestine during pilgrimages to the Holy Lands stop touring Israel only.

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