The Woolworths Brand Disaster concerns all WW shareholders

Brands and share value are, to a large extent, based on sentiment and perceptions.

In this case, whether the issue is about a few pretzels and pomegranates as some argue, or about people who are killed, robbed, tortured and oppressed as others argue, is not the only issue. The Woolworths arrogance is now pushing the #BoycottWoolworths campaign to the main stream media – a disaster for the Woolworths brand.


Listen here what happened at the Woolworths Annual General Meeting:

Interview on SABC newsroom on #BoycottWoolworths

Woolworths declined SABC’s invitation to participate in this and in other media discussions.

It is alarming that Woolworths refused to meet with BDS before a court ordered them to do so. Moreover, their arrogant refusal to talk about their ethical stance at the AGM for shareholders express their disregard of consumer and shareholder needs.

indexSimon Susman, Chair of the WHL Board

As shareholders we thought the Woolworths campaign is about a just freedom for Palestinians. But now it seems as if the matter is also about corporate governance!

All shareholders, those who fight for pretzels and pomegranates from Israel as well as those fighting for Palestinian rights should expect Woolworths to resolve the matter with BDS and to uphold the kind of ethos they say they stand for.


3 thoughts on “The Woolworths Brand Disaster concerns all WW shareholders

  1. Gideon says:

    Marthie, you are such a hypocrite…how long have you been a shareholder for Woolworths…and only now you have a problem with them….what illegalities are they guilty of?

    When will you have the balls to target hospitals, farms and pharmacies? Come on you know you have to do it because of principles….but your selective boycotts will only bring your own downfall…

    I have pity on you…In the end you will not even make it to the history books. Your opinion is just based on hatred! You are only fooling yourself!


    • Shafeeqah says:

      Gideon I suggest you go to Gaza and your perception will change. You say her opinion is based on hatred when in fact you’re describing your own opinion. Apartheid is wrong no matter where it’s practiced.


    • MM says:

      We target Woolworths because they say they are an ethical company. Karstens Farms, the biggest producer of dates in our country, has already agreed to no longer export dates to Israel. I hate no-one. I advocate for the rights of all. In fact, I even publish your hateful remarks on my blog 🙂


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