A warm welcome on returning to South Africa after being denied entry by Israel

My friends Carol Martin, Clint le Bruyns and Terry Crawford-Browne and members of the Action Forum for Palestine and surprised me by being there when I arrived at Cape Town International Airport.


I also received many, many messages of support from all over the country, even from people whom I do not know. How very wonderful to experience such comradely support!

If you’re interested, click here for a short video clip recorded by the Action Forum for Palestine on my arrival, and here for some photos.



One thought on “A warm welcome on returning to South Africa after being denied entry by Israel

  1. Elvira van Oudtshoorn says:

    I am beginning to realise just why so many South Africans remain so timid and distant with regard to the undeniable genocide of the Palestinians. Pres Jimmy Carter did the people of Gaza no favour by calling the Israeli ‘Schandmauer’ an ‘apartheid wall’. There is no comparison. Yes, the National Party’s intransigence and laws to support it, defined apartheid. But here is the difference: there would come a tipping point where the citizens of SA would face the inevitable and and relinquish control. The state of Israel remains supported to the hilt by millions and millions whose first introduction to the Middle East had been through religious texts. Front organisations flourish everywhere. The murder yesterday of a Palestinian minister at the hands of IDF soldiers will not stir them. We must persist. Write letters, blog, talk, call in to talkshows and beg to be allowed an opportunity to speak on air. Always remember the dignity of the Palestinians and behave likewise.


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