Gaza as seen by an Israeli soldier and street artist Banksy

A revealing interview

Everyone should hear how a former IDF soldier explains the similarities of what his grandmother experienced in Auschwitz and why he has to speak out against Israel and the USA. Eran Efrati is a former IDF soldier who recounts his experience, assignments and killing protocols along with what he witnessed as a soldier to Aby Martin:

Abby-MartinClick here for the YouTube interview.


When Banksy sneaked into Gaza

It is not the first time that Banksy, a street artist revered by millions for his socio-political commentary on the walls of the world, has been to the occupied Palestinian territories. His graffiti are on the segregation wall in Bethlehem and in Ramallah, and now also on the ruins of Gaza:







One thought on “Gaza as seen by an Israeli soldier and street artist Banksy

  1. Elvira van Oudtshoorn says:

    Never-ending cruelty! It is simply not ever going to end. What are we to do.
    Why HAVE the artists, the poets, the singers, the actors, all the creative minds of the decent world, been so quiet?
    I have this moment finished reading an OXFAM report stating that, even under ideal conditions, IT WILL TAKE A CENTURY TO REBUILD GAZA.

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