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Books on Palestine/Israel:

  • Abuelaish, Izzeldien. I shall not hate.
  • Braverman, Mark. Fatal Embrace.
  • Dimbleby, Jonathan. The Palestinians.
  • Kassis, Rifat Odeh. Kairos for Palestine.
  • Patterson, Richard North. Exile.
  • Volf, Miroslav. Exclusion and Embrace.

Films on Palestine/Israel:

  • Israel vs. Israel, a documentary film by EAPPI member Terje Carlsson.
  • Lemon Tree, a feature film on land confiscation
  • Live and Become, a feature film on the plight of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel and the discrimination against them. The Occupation is also briefly mentioned, and although I do not agree with every word in the film, it does portray that many Israelis do not agree that Palestine should be occupied, but prefer peace and a one-state solution.  In a powerful scene in a debate on “The colour of Adam”, the main character (a Christian Ethiopian boy) delivers a profound  plea in favour of all of us having “red skins” against his opponent (a Zionist boy) who opted for a literal interpretation of the Torah (the Old Testament).
  • Munich, a feature film based on historical events. After Black September’s assassination of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, Israel’s then Prime Minister Golda Meir sanctions a black-box retaliation. Violence leads to more violence.
  • Occupation 101, an award-winning documentary film on the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Watch the whole film here  on YouTube.  See also
  • Paradise Now, feature film on suicide bombers – very insightful.
  • Roadmap to Apartheid, an excellent, disturbing yet inspiring documentary describing the Palestinian situation in comparison to the apartheid system in South Africa, released in March 2012.
  • Football and barriers.  A Brazilian movie, released in October 2011, on football, the 2010 World Cup in the context of the occupation and militarism.  Brought to my attention by fellow EA/Brazilian football referee, Eduardo Minossi de Oliveira.

Links on Palestine/Israel:

My own books:

  • Colours of Love – in life and death and thereafter.  Translated from the Afrikaans.  Pretoria:  Protea Boekehuis. Review and order.
  • Kleure van Liefde, in lewe en sterwe en daarna.  Pretoria: Protea Boekehuis. Resensie. Bestel boek.

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